Meet Sam Wilkinson

Montana Outdoors camping

Hi Fellow Outdoorsmen and Women,

Growing up in Montana, I came to love nature at a young age. I spent most summers camping, fishing, and hunting on my own or with my family and friends. Four years ago, I surrounded myself with nature by moving to Thiensville Wisconsin. Now, I’m always looking at the natural wonders of the world. It’s the best! From the Milwaukee River to countless parks and trails, Thiensville is an explorer’s dream.

I’ve written for various nature magazines, but have decided that it’s time to place all of my expertise in one convenient location. This blog is all about Wisconsin’s natural beauty. I’ll be recommending great climbing, hiking, and even disc golf locations. Spots that are fun and safe for every type of outdoor traveler. As a father of two, I know how meaningful a trip into the wild can be. Whether you’re looking for entertaining adventures for younger children or adults, I’ll have you covered. Plus, I’ll even throw in the occasional recommendation for Montana getaways.

So, if you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime or a relaxing vacation, keep coming back for the latest excursions throughout Wisconsin. Also, if you have a specific question or topic you’d like me to cover, feel free to submit an inquiry through my contact page.

Take time to explore the stunning landscapes, forests, and rivers that Wisconsin has to offer. It’ll leave you craving the next great adventure.

Sam Wilkinson