Michigan Lake Family Vacation Getaways


Now that the summer months have fully arrived, it’s time to pack up the car and head out on a fun filled, family vacation! Whether you’re looking for thrilling adventures for all ages or a cozy, relaxing getaway, I’ve got you covered. My family and I have traveled all over Wisconsin exploring well known holiday destinations and small-town finds, so that we can give you the most up to date tips for a fantastic trip. We’ve ranked each of the destinations in three distinct categories: Cost, Activities, and Comfort.

  1. Lighthouse Inn and Water’s Edge Restaurant


    This local inn has built a reputation as one of the premiere resorts along Lake Michigan. With views that are unparalleled and a staff that is incredibly accommodating, the Lighthouse Inn is an easy, breezy spot for the whole family. They are not quite as activity focused as other locations on this list. But what they lack in adventures, they more than make up for in comfort.

    All of the rooms are stunningly cozy, but the Lakeside Deluxe King stands easily above the rest. Its sea fairing aesthetic is only topped by the unbelievable view of Lake Michigan You’ll have to view images of the room to truly see for yourself, but let’s just say the room feels as though it has sunk into the lake and you are partially submerged. For some that may be a little uncanny, though I will say my family never got tired of watching the small waves come in.

    The Lighthouse Inn is fairly priced in comparison to other motels or resorts in the nearby area. This is a great option for families hoping to spend their money on other aspects of the vacation, like renting a boat and taking to the high seas.

  2. Abbey Resort and Avani Spa


    The Abbey Resort and Avani Spa has everything a family could possibly want. You will find it difficult every day to leave the resort grounds as they pamper and cater to your every need. With a large pool full of waterslides and all other types of child friendly play areas, your kids will be entertained from dusk till dawn. If that sounds exhausting, don’t you worry, the Avani Spa will relieve all stress. Couples’ massages, facials, and saunas are all available. Simply call down to the concierge and they’ll take care of the rest.

    If you do happen to venture outside the resort walls, you’ll find yourself right along Lake Geneva and a short distance away from Lake Michigan’s beautiful coastline. With boat rentals, fishing trips, and sandy beaches all nearby, you have the pick of the litter on how to fill your time. With such great amenities does come slightly higher prices as a room will generally cost around two hundred dollars per night. That being said, you will find yourself saving money on gas and other random charges. So, the price is normally comparable to any other resort style getaways.

  3. Point Beach Campground

    Point Beach Campground

    For those families ready to take on the great outdoors, you’ll find no place better than Point Beach Campground in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Located right on Lake Michigan, the views are mind boggling as you stare out at the drifting water and moonlit night sky. Of course, comfort isn’t the top priority when camping out in a tent, but that being said, the sites are spacious and well kept. Quiet hours are observed after ten, and I’ve never run into any obnoxious neighbors.

    There are an endless number of activities to jump into along the beach. Plus, so long as you have a car, you can either rent a boat or fish right from the docks. The cost is thirty dollars for an annual pass, making this the most cost-effective option. You’ll have to provide your own camping gear or sleeping bag, but there are lots of nearby stores where you can pick up essential items.

With the summer months upon us, it’s time to start planning that family vacation. Whether you’re looking for a cozy resort getaway or rugged family camping adventure, it’s important to get time alone with the one’s you love. For more great articles, check back regularly. We’re currently working on our search engine optimization and the company recommended that rather than charging us for their SEO services, that we keep our information pertinent to Wisconsin’s local area. So, we’ll be coming back with new summer ideas each week. Make sure you keep checking back for the latest and greatest.