Best Fishing Spots Near Thiensville Wisconsin


Getting out into nature is one of the best things a person can do for their mental and physical health. People may often opt for camping or a quick hike, but nothing is more relaxing or restorative than tossing a line and waiting for the fish to nibble. Wisconsin is filled with exceptional fishing spots. Seems like every small town has at least three great locations to setup camp. Thiensville is no exception. Whether you’re looking at a fun morning or all-day adventure, there are countless great options within an hour drive.
Here are five of the best fishing spots near Thiensville Wisconsin:

  1. Lakeshore State Park

    Nestled between great prairies, stunning views of the city, and Michigan Lake, Lakeshore State Park offers phenomenal fishing and all the isolation one could want. With boating, canoeing, and kayaking, there is an exceptional amount of services that any fisherman can take advantage of. Fishing license is required for anyone sixteen and over (Standard for any location on this list). The most prominent fishing location is a pier on the south lagoon just off of the western trail. Common fish that are available to catch include, Rock, Smallmouth, and Largemouth Bass; Bluegills, Sunfish, and Northern Pike; and trout/ salmon in the fall months.

  2. Nashotah Park

    Nashotah Park is 444-acres of gorgeous landscapes ranging from wetlands, rolling hills, grasslands, and woodlands. A myriad of wildlife will scurry past as you find your perfect fishing spot. Keep a lookout for songbirds, deer, and waterfowl. As this park is open year-round, it’s constantly full of magical color explosions. Leading to a spot that you’ll want to return to over and over again. It is strongly recommended to practice catch and release to help persevere the park and its natural resources.

  3. Kettle Moraine State Forest

    Named after the 522-acre, spring fed kettle that runs through the state forest, Kettle Moraine is a fishing enthusiast’s dream. Anglers are able to fish from boat or shore. Just make sure to avoid the swimming areas (Marked by white buoys). With so much space to explore, this is a great spot for families or individual adventures. From swimming to picnic areas to hunting and trapping, there are endless activities to pack onto a fishing excursion. The lake freezes for three months, leaving ice fishing as a definite possibility. Though make sure you’re either very experienced with ice fishing or have an expert with you. Always better to be over prepared than caught unawares.

  4. Big Foot Beach State Park

    On the shore of Geneva Lake, Big Foot Beach State Park is an excellent option for a multi-day fishing expedition. With wooded campsites and plenty of nearby cabins, this is a spot to kick back and settle down. Ceylon Lagoon is where all the fishing is available. It’s a gorgeous, quiet area filled with natural beauty. Fish within the waters include: trout, salmon, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, muskellunge, hybrids, northern pike, walleye, and sauger. There is plenty to catch, though make sure you check in with the office about any restrictions the day of.

  5. Minooka Park

    The largest park on this list, Minooka Park spans over 579-acres. With trails that lead deep into the forest, this is a perfect option for when you want to escape the city for a moment. Minooka is a strong option for fly fishers and casual campers. With rainbow trout, crappie, bluegills, and shiners, this is one of the best catch and release spots in the state. Plus, with the large amount of space, you won’t have to worry about sharing your spot with other people. Minooka Park is a terrific spot for any angler looking to have serenity and natural beauty. Some parks, really can provide it all.

In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to unplug and get out into nature. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Terrific fishing spots are just a short drive away. Whether you’re visiting Thiensville or are a permanent resident, great angler adventures are waiting. Try out the wide-open landscape of Nashotah Park or the small beach setting of Big Foot Beach State Park. No matter what, there’s a wonderful fishing spot waiting for you. Just remember to check fishing regulations on the day of and always be courteous to those you see along the trail.