Best Hiking Trails Near Thiensville


It can be tough to get ten thousand steps during a normal day. Between work, parenting responsibilities, and anything else that arises, most days are easily piled up with regular routine. However, study after study has supported that getting a good amount of walking in each day leads to massive health benefits. How do you do that in Thiensville? I’ve put together ten of my favorite trails and hikes near Thiensville. Whether you’re looking for a quick walk or long hike, there’s a good mixture to make getting active that much easier.

Here are the six best hiking trails near Thiensville:

Top Long-Distance Trail:

  • Brown Deer Creek Recreational Trail

    Running through the city of Brown Deer, this trail runs through tree-line as it traces along an active railway. One mile in length, this walk travels across residential and commercial areas and connects with two other trails: Ozaukee Interurban Trail and Oak Leaf Trail. This walk is easy to get to and provides some great tree coverage. A lovely and simple hike that is close-by.

  • City of Franklin Hike and Bike Trail

    Start in the suburban enthralls of suburban Franklin and quickly become immersed in rural farmland. 1.5-miles, the Franklin Hike and Bike Trail makes for a greater starter trail that will prepare you for more difficult terrain. Plus, as you become more experienced, you can venture to the Muskego Recreational Trail and expand your horizons. This trail is easy to access with ample parking nearby. Making it a perfect walk to get in before or after work.

  • Duck Lake Nature Area Trail

    This trail follows along the south side of Lake Como between Como and Lake Geneva. Near the Illinois state line, this hike has a merging of natural landscapes that is impressive. Created across a former rail bed, this two-mile hike is home to lots of wildlife. The hike is often referred to as Warbler Walkway because of how many Warblers chirp and flicker through the skyline. The longest of the short distance hikes, this is also the most scenic. It pays to adventure just a bit further.
    Top Two Medium Distance Trails:

  • Fox River Trail

    The medium distance trails jump up in intensity pretty quickly. At six miles, it is three times longer than the Duck Lake Trail. It may be a good idea to find a couple shorter trails to transition to the distance, but even still, the Fox River Trail is a great option for intermediate hikers. Carving along the waterway that gives the trail its name, you can choose between looking at stunning foliage and beautiful blue water. There are also many opportunities to picnic and a Nature Play Area that offers rock climbing. Fox River Trail is a great hike that challenges and rewards in equal measure.

  • Harvey’s Woods, Farmstead Woods, and Gengler Woods Loop

    This hike contains three loops that culminates is beautiful wooded farmland. 3.8 miles in length, you’ll be pushed with a one-hundred- and twenty-one-foot elevation gain. So, while it is shorter than Fox River Trail, it does have a bit more upward movement that can create strain. This hike is particularly stunning near sunset, just make sure you’re back to your car by sundown. With some nice places to picnic and hangout, these three loops can easily take up your whole day. If you’re in more of a hurry, that’s totally fine too. With lots of parking and proper signage, this is a hike that’s perfectly engineered to anyone’s needs.
    Top Long-Distance Trail:

  • Bugline Trail

    If you’ve completed the other hikes and you’re still looking for a challenge, I’ve got you covered. The Bugline Trail is 15.6-miles of varying locals. From rich blue skies and riverbeds to forest groves, Bugline trail has everything. This diverse hike is fully paved end-to-end. Fret not for your knees, they’ll be alright. Wrap them or provide a compress if you are worried as the length can be strenuous. During the summer this hike can get very hot so bring a lot of water and a couple snacks. Additionally, the pavement can get slick during the winter, so it’s best to avoid when there’s been too much snowfall. The absolute best time to hike Bugline is during the spring when all of the trees and flowers are blooming. This hike has great signage and is a simple forward and back trail, making it a great introduction for aspiring long-distance hikers.

Going out and exploring nature is especially important into today’s world. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. However, with the knowledge contained in the above list, hopefully you’re able to carve more time out to hike or even indulge in camping. There are plenty of stunning trails nearby to see, you just have to make the time. Whether you’re a beginner or long-time hiker, there are trails that are close, convenient, and beautiful. So, go out, explore, and stay safe!